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Choose your grind

Hollow: This concave cut-out blade style is an all-around useful grind. A hollow grind is good for slicing meat and cheese, splitting and carving wood, and field dressing game. An adaptable grind with a secondary convex edge would also make a great EDC knife.

Our flat grind is ground from the top to the bottom of the steel with a secondary convex edge. Great slicing ability is marked by a very sharp edge and a strong blade making this grind a great choice for EDC, field dressing game and light/medium bushcraft work.

Saber: One of our personal favorites, the saber grind is strong, heavy-duty, and good for your tougher jobs. Helps make quick work of bushcrafting, field-dressing game, and splitting wood. Great control with a secondary convex edge.

Scandi: This bushcrafters' favorite, has no secondary edge and is very similar to a wood chisel. It offers superior control when cutting a severe angle. Great for wood and fine details.

Convex: Slack ground with a secondary convex edge, this grind is great for baton work, chopping, and bushcraft. The convex grind allows for superior sharpness while maintaining its strength.