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The Crew

Meet the fine folks at BHK

We are a family owned business, if not by blood, then by Christ. We have enjoyed serving our customers since 2007 by building high quality, handcrafted knives at a fair price. We are so sure you will love our knives that we back it with a lifetime repair, replacement or refund policy. Our replacement policy will cover any manufacturer defect or normal wear and tear. We would like to thank you for choosing Battle Horse Knives and we are honored to call you part of our family.

Battle Horse Knives

  • Dan Coppins
    Job Title: Owner, Knife designer
    Nickname: Dan the Man/ Caveman
    Interests: Bulldozing, Traveling and Hunting

  • Alicia McQuain
    Job Title: Owner, Book keeper
    Nickname: Jammer/ Leesh
    Interests: Camping/Backpacking,
    shooting guns and swimming

  • Judy Coppins
    Job Title: Leather/ Kydex room
    Nickname: Mom
    Interests: Traveling, Target
    shooting, Grandchildren

  • John McQuain
    Job Title: Knife Maker, Mill room manager
    Nickname: Little Beard
    Interests: Working on trucks, Hunting and Gold

  • Ashlee Coppins
    Job Title: Office manager
    Nickname: Ash/ Bo
    Interests: Riding motorcycles,
    shooting guns and Hunting

  • Matthew McQuain
    Job Title: Knife shop manager/ Grinder
    Nickname: Matt
    Interests: Fishing, Hunting

  • Jason Barnett
    Job Title: Knife maker
    Nickname: Jason
    Interests: Base Guitar, Working on
    cars and being in the outdoors.

  • Tom Casterline
    Job Title: Retail store manager
    Nickname: Ponch
    Interests: Hunting, Family, Abusing knives

  • Adam Lemon
    Job Title: Media, Mill room and Jack of all trades
    Nickname: Donk
    Interests: Firearms, Fishing, Family